Beer Holder Gets Song Review from Deke Donovan

Below is the review courtesy of Deke Donovan, reviewer for the Power Performers of Music. It’s a site dedicated to finding up and coming talent. Special thanks to my friend Charlie Ecker from the C.R. Ecker Band for sending Deke my song. Jersey boys stick together!


I remember a saying a long time ago that “when it’s ten to two, all the twos are tens.” And the guys still standin’ at the bar were’nt talkin’ basic math. Did have something to do with the amount of alcohol they were consuming. So this leads us to drinkin’ songs and the massive number of them out there over the years, from “I Like Beer” (Tom T. Hall)), “Drinkin’ ‘n Dreamin’”, (Waylon Jennings), “Drink on It” (Blake Shelton) and “Drink in My Hand” (Eric Church) . There are probably 500 more but space is tight in this here review. However, there is a new tune with a big foamy head that is gonna’ get noticed, you bet! It’s called “Beer Holder,” sung by newcomer Paul Street. In it, he eloquently relates, with what seems like a straight face, how “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder.” What a line! What a singer, too. Paul, from New Jersey, has a million-dollar song that’s a bunch of traditional country fun. It’s one of a mix of traditional and uptown country fare ranging from “Breath Love In” to “When I First Loved You.” There is something for everyone from start to finish with a consistent a peaceful, easy feelin’ to be sure.
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