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A wise man once said the creativity is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. The craft of songwriting is just that; a craft. Something you work at and perfect. Everytime¬†I pick up the guitar or sit at the piano, I play random chords and rhythms, hum melodies and go “soul searching”. Sometimes the story line is driven by my own experiences like my song “My Daddy Does“. Other times it’s about a friend who shared their story with me. Make no mistake; either way I take my words seriously (or silly-ishly depending on my mood). Each song is a mini therapy session. Meant to invoke laughter or sadness, or to get you, the listener, to focus on what you need to do that day as in my song “Breathe Love In” from the Streetwise CD. The greatest thing about songwriting is that you are always trying to write better songs. It’s knowing that¬†I can always improve that keeps pushing me. There are no limits to creativity.

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