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Hollywood depicts a music producer mostly as a slick dressed, sunglass wearing, lurking in the shadows type. While this may be true of some, it is certainly not the norm for today’s music scene. A producer is a mysterious title for some to grasp; and it should be. The producer wears many hats. Sometimes a musician, sometimes a therapist. Sometimes a babysitter, sometimes a fire starter. You see for every project someone puts their name on as a “producer”, they are sticking their neck and reputation on the line. Since we  live in a “what have you done for me lately” world, a producer must have a finger on the pulse of the music industry. And while some producers have a signature sound, like what Mutt Lange does for Def Leppard, some are transparent and shift between genres like a homebound traveler at rush hour changes lanes. So it’s hard to identify the producer of the music your listening to on the radio.

Often an unsung hero, they take the credit, or the blame for every project. A daunting task at best. I produce Paul Street records myself. Sometimes it is hard to stay objective because I am incredibly hard on myself. I agonized over every detail from breath noise to the sound of the snare drum to the format of the song. It is very time-consuming and often the things I am working on at the very end of the project will go unnoticed to most listeners. But if I didn’t make the necessary changes, the record would be good, not great. I don’t do anything half way. Paul Street is all in or nothin’ at all!

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