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What an experience… The video below was shot by my wife at the Burlington County Fair earlier this month.  That sweet little lady to my left is my daughter, Emma.  I love music… but to be able to share it with my daughter makes it even more special.  Take a look and let me know what you think.



Overseas Playlists

If you scroll down the list below you will find “You Can’t Go Back”, from my Temporary Sanity CD at number 92 on the playlist from the good people at Real Country in Japan. I get a lot of airplay overseas. Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands…all big fans of Paul Street! It’s exciting to know that someone half way around the world, who has never met you, is interested in your music. To date, Lee Ann from my Streetwise CD is still our most downloaded song on iTunes, with the most downloads coming from Germany! Keep an eye (and ear) out for more playlists right here!

Real Country

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Playlist for Reporting Week: Mar 27 to Apr 03, 2012

Artist – Song (Record Label)
  1. Taylor Made – Good Love (Little General)
  2. Michael Lynne – Have A Little Fun (WHP)
  3. David Wood – My Dash (Dew Note)
  4. Christine Van Hoy – Happy Town (Big 7)
  5. TJ Maddux – The Promised Land (Platinum Plus)
  6. Todd Allen Herendeen – My Name Is America (Straight Arrow)
  7. Myrol – Mascara Dawn (Little Red Hen/WHP)
  8. Sandy Carroll – Romeo & Juliet (Catfood)
  9. Natasha James – Room 203 (Highway One/WHP)
10. Stephen A Love – Travelin’ Man (Ind)
( … )
92. Paul Street – You Can’t Go Back

Keep listening and let’s get some more songs in the top 100!

Thank you for your support!



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